Photography at WindSong Farm

Our Photography Policy 

with AN ELEGANT WEDDING VENUE NESTLED ON 32 ACRES OF SECLUDED COUNTRYSIDE LOCATED JUST OUTSIDE OF NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE there are plenty of space for photographers to experience a more private experience.

An hourly booking is required to access the property. We accept bookings during the week and some weekends. Weekend dates are limited due to our busy wedding season. Included with the booking, you have full use of the surrounding areas of the venue, Including - Around the Barn, Oak Grove, Pond with Fountain, Back Patio of Venue, and our popular spot - the driveway. 

The hourly rate is $50 with no minimum.

Approved Photo Areas


oak Grove

Back Patio


Ready to Book

If you have more questions, are ready to book an hourly session, or just interested in more information on photography on our property please contact us and we we will be happy to assist you further. 

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